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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life's not fair

The world is full of injustices.

Why are some people left starving when I nonchalantly toss bugles to my dog?

Why does that guy get away with turning right on red when I know I'd get caught doing it?

Why now that I have the iPhone 4 and I have transferred all of my games and music over to it do I have to re-beat Angry Birds?  No fair as Cage would say at the end of Pet Cemetary.

No Fair.

I have spoken of the darkness within me.  Granted its not all really dark, just anger.  Anger at things that I can't repair, anger at the things I'm unable to change.

Had a big weekend, UFC last night, new champ.  THE MEXICAN won (their marketing, not me being racist).  I admit that I was rooting for him.

I just deleted two paragraphs that didn't have a point to anything.  There's really not a point to any of this either.  Just voicing my displeasure at how unfair it is that I have to play Angry Birds through again.... And yes it is a matter of Hafta, there's no choice. It's a must.

You know what though, If angry Birds is my only problem then I don't have anything to worry about.

I will keep on smiling when that guy breaks an arbitrary traffic law.

I will not raise my blood pressure about the neighbors dogs.

I am not going to worry about anything anymore other that what is immediate to Joe.  Life's too short to follow destinies and Life's not fair enough to let you achieve them.

Ask Brock Lesnar how he felt when The Mexican won.

I'll paraphrase "I'm going to work.  Because that's what champions do."


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