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Friday, October 22, 2010

Cry Havoc! and let slip the dogs of war

Okay so for six months I've been living back with my parents.  Things have been going well, not completely without their hiccups.  My dad isn't a dog person but I am, farts and all I heart my Gracie

My biggest issues are with the neighbors on this community.  They open their garages and back door and let their dogs run free all over the neighborhood.  I drive down the street on my way to work, boom, dog just jumps in front of my car.  It's happened on many an occassion.  Also my sweet sweet Grace as a part of her probation with my dad has to wear a bark collar.

The collar works but when these asshole dogs come up to the gate to agitate her she gets the shock treatment.  Rough to hear but I went through it myself and know that its just a mild discomfort.

But my dog doesn't bark unless they make her.

I was driving and almost hit this guys dog's for the last time.  I have a talk with the guy.  I told him to watch his dogs, they belong on leases, I'd really hate to hit one.  I was stern, yet compassionate.

I was like one of those guys in Deadwood or Rome who gets the upperhand and has some modicum of power.

Then last night I drive home.  I decide hey I'm on a running kick but want to stay more local so I reset my trip meeter at the driveway and do a lap.  The dog park cadre were at the middle of the street, like 5 dogs running free and a few kids on big wheels on the curb and a couple of what I believe were well lubed up adults.

I drive by.  The drunkest and oldest yells Hey Slow Down!

Maybe its a confidence thing or swagger. but I stop.  A guy very threateningly says "Hey pal you lost"

"no Im not lost I live down there.  Whats your problem now?"

There are kids on the road and adults and youre doing like 30 the old man slurrrrs.

It was nowhere near thirty, 15 tops he was just mad i didnt veer out of the way of his booze parade.

"I am aware of the kids, I see them right there.  No worries.  But the dogs, and I've talked to him about these dogs before, they need to be managed. "

"Bahhh slow down."

I start to accellerate and boom, two dogs jump in front of me.  I slam on my breaks.

The politcal gamesmanship and upperhand I had is now gone because these 3 douches will collaborate something against me.

In fact just the mere thought of what those tools said about me when I left made my blood boil.

I see a red door and I want it painted black.

There is a darkness in me, but on the plus side all the confidence and bluster is making me a better salesman.

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