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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Whats up?

So I gave in to the darkside and joined the social network.  I figured what betta' way to move forward than to cyberstalk all my old friendzone girls from high school.

Big mistake...Huge.

Everyone is someone else.  Kids, marriages. Whip It style faux punk roller derby lives.  Alas the ones that got away got far away.

I have no regrets. Not one.  But Facebook is the debil for making me feel feelings.  Although it has been a useful tool in getting the word out to fam and friends about Zombie Preparedness.  Did you know that Zombie was a trademarked term?  That's why zombie shows and movies can't call 'em zombies.  We gotta' call them Walkers or Geeks, or Zeds.  Lame.

Sitting at the bar working my magic with the written word.  It's kind of a blessing because I get to have all of these made up conversations in my head actual.  Its cathartic.

The sitcom I'm writing has entered act II, the Empire strikes back dark zone where the hearts and flowers of the first 5 episodes give way to hate, doubt,and loathing.  Its amazing how art imitates life sometimes.

When made though my sitcom will be a thing of legend.  Drinking games will be created just to tally up the sheer glut of awesome pop culture and movie quote references.  I am awesome.  Soon as y'all get that we'll be fine.

So current events... Medicinal marijuana has passed for AZ. That's cool. I have a very strong feeling it would assist my condition but my Doctor is very conservative with the scrips.  Well he is and he isn't. One the one hand he denied me ADD meds when I though i might have a focus problem, but then on the other hand the last time i was there he totally HIPPA-Patomoamoused and gave me a crap ton of refills for my dad.

And we hop-scotch away to whatever pretty light strikes my fancy next.

Currently boozing alone. Writing my sitcom fantasy world.  I was supposed to go out with friends tonight but friends have a funny way of...bein funny so I fall back on BNO, boys night out.  Native nachos, strippers, beers.

Their dad came with them which means the racism will need to be toned down. That and the rampant Sexism.  We used to be Mad Men, slappin dames on the ass as the fetched us beer.


"It is possible, scientifically, to bite your finger of."
Colin Padilla 11-20-2010

Quote of the night by far.  Can only go downhill from here.

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